Get Substance Abuse Treatment

Agreeing to Get Substance Abuse Treatment Instead of Serving Jail Time


If you, as the guilty party, are charged with a non-violent crime that occurred as a direct result of your intoxication, then a court may offer you an option: receive a reduced, lenient sentence (or avoid prison entirely) by agreeing to get substance abuse treatment for your alcohol or drug use.

Participating in a treatment program usually entails accepting legal culpability for any damages caused as a result of your intoxication. In return, attending the program will account for a certain part of your sentence.

We recognize that not everyone who commits an alcohol- or drug-related crime is a menace to society and needs to be in prison; but that the people who drink or consume illegal drugs to the point of breaking the law have a problem that needs to be solved with therapy, not incarceration.

As alcohol and drug addiction are classified as disorders, the legal system is more flexible to lean towards rehabilitation rather than incarceration. This means you can request to be admitted to a substance abuse treatment program instead of serving time in jail.

The better your case looks, the more likely you are to qualify for substance abuse treatment in place of jail time. Part of substance abuse treatment may involve a rigid schedule that includes rehabilitation treatment, 12-step program participation, and regular therapy sessions. In effect, the treatment process provides you with the structure and guidance needed to adapt and cope to live a normal, productive lifestyle.


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to substitute nor replace the advice of legal counsel. This is intended to provide you with information about how obtaining Substance Abuse Treatment may be able to help you reduce or avoid judicial charges but does not guarantee you will avoid civil and/or criminal charges in its entirety.

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