DUI/DWI Charges?

If you are charged with a non-violent drug or alcohol related crime, there is a chance you can avoid prison by agreeing to get substance abuse treatment instead.

Rules vary by jurisdiction, but in general, there are three basic ways you can get treatment instead of jail are:

  • The judge in a conventional criminal court may sentence you to some form of substance abuse treatment as a part of your sentence.
  • Your lawyer may work out a deal with the prosecutor prior to your appearing in court so that you can complete a certain period of treatment as part or all of your sentence.
  • You may have the opportunity to appear in drug court, instead of a conventional adult criminal court.


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to substitute nor replace the advice of legal counsel. This is intended to provide you with information about how obtaining Substance Abuse Treatment may be able to help you reduce or avoid judicial charges but does not guarantee you will avoid civil and/or criminal charges in its entirety.

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