Drug and Alcohol Evaluation: What to Expect

A drug and alcohol evaluation from a state-licensed treatment agency may be requested by the courts in any case involving substance abuse. For driving under the influence (DUI) or driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) convictions, it may be compulsory. During the evaluation, thorough questions will be asked. The purpose is to assess whether a diagnosis of drug or alcohol dependence is appropriate and whether substance misuse has resulted in the arrest.

What Is Drug and Alcohol Evaluation?

A substance abuse evaluation is required whenever an individual has been arrested for a crime associated with drugs or alcohol such as possession, minor in possession (MIP), disorderly conduct or DUI. The evaluation is carried out by a certified/licensed professional specializing in addiction and substance abuse. The assessment determines the appropriate treatment or intervention.

During the evaluation, a complete review of your substance abuse is conducted. This usually involves a face-to-face interview and analyzing any NEEDS Assessment outcomes from the DUI/Risk Reduction School, Lifetime Arrest Reports, 7-year Department of Driver Services reports and other relevant assessments. A drug and alcohol screen is performed if requested, indicated or required by the courts.

The whole process lasts 60-90 minutes. Within a week of the assessment, a written evaluation report is sent to either the individual or agency stated on the release of information form.

What Do You Need to Bring to Your Evaluation?

The following documentation is required for the drug and alcohol evaluation concerning a DUI, DUID, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, MIP, false ID or any other alcohol or drug-associated arrest:

  • Arrest-related documents, including incident report, sentencing sheet, tickets, probation papers
  • Criminal history report
  • Contact details, so the completed assessment can be sent to you

For DUI or DUID arrests

  • If you attended a DUI School before your assessment, you’ll need the Completion Certificate and NEEDS Assessment
  • Government-issued photo ID card

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