About Us

Our Company

Premium Counseling Group, LLC is a Florida Department of Children and Families State Licensed Outpatient Program, designed to help individuals remain abstinent from alcohol, all other mood-altering substances, and other addictive activities. Our outpatient program incorporates a biopsychosocial and spiritual treatment model that addresses substance abuse disorders in a holistic manner.

Our clinical staff utilizes multiple treatment approaches in order to identify specific client needs and provide individualized treatment.

We utilize evidence-based practices in our treatment approaches and constantly strive to provide individuals and families with the most innovative approaches and customized treatment experience offered in this type of counseling setting.

Our Vision

Premium Counseling Group, LLC envisions a community where recovery from addiction is understood, encouraged, embraced, and enjoyed and where all who seek it have access to the support, care, and resources they need to achieve long-term recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a path for wellness and recovery and improve the overall quality of life for individuals struggling with addiction and any related mental health difficulties.

To achieve this mission, our professionals utilize a holistic treatment approach that incorporates relevant practices and evidence-based treatment strategies offered in the behavioral health field.

Our Core Values

  • Altruistic, compassionate, and caring support for our clients
  • Respect for our fellow professionals in the behavioral health and justice system
  • Quality, excellence, and professionalism in delivery of client-focused care
  • Adherence to industry standards in the best interest of our clients and promoting health care
  • Individualized, psychoeducational, evidence-based treatment approach methods. Our methods are characterized by the most abreast and innovated scientific approaches proven to be effective and relevant
  • Exceptional, qualified and experienced staff
  • Progressive leadership
  • Integrity in all fiscal matters

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